Mobile Fitting Service
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As modern vehicles evolve so do today’s car thieves. An increasing amount of vehicles are now stolen to order, so if the worst does happen make sure you are prepared. Fitting a Tracker to your vehicle virtually guarantees recovery. Your vehicle is monitored 365 days a year by GPS, your chosen tracker company then works alongside the police to recover your car and apprehend the thieves as soon as possible. Fitting a Tracking System may even lower your insurance premiums or enable you to insure anyone who has recently passed their driving test.

Features available are:

  • Location on demand (online feature)
  • Journey history (online feature)
  • Business/Personal miles print out (online feature)
  • Active minute by minute online or Smartphone tracking.
  • Geo-fencing
  • Speed restrictions and alerts.
  • ADR systems (Active driver recognition)
  • Fleet Management
  • Mileage limitation for new drivers
Trackers can be fitted from as little as £199.00 for the basic system. All Trackers do require a subscription payable separately to chosen Tracking provider.
  • Annual from £139.00
  • Lifetime (3 years or more) from £389


  • Trackstar TM 470  fully fitted from £229 (contact us)
  • Cobra track first.   Fully fitted from £279 (contact us)
  • Smartrack  tracker fully fitted from £229 (contact us)
  • Trackstar cat 5 £749 (contact us)