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12 Volt TV with or without DVD, we supply a wide range of 12 volt TV / DVD that operates on dual voltages,  230 volt and 12 volt and are specificity designed for the Motorhome and caravan  mobile market (we can also supply Digital TV tuners with recording capabilities)

We are also able to offer wall brackets to fit with most TVs. Price and vehicle specific.

Games consoles can also be added.

Tyre pressure monitoring kits


Five reasons why you should fit a tyre pressure monitoring system:

  • Save fuel,
  • Save on tyre wear,
  • Reduces your carbon footprint,
  • Saves time needed to check your pressures,
  • Saves lives

Not only does an under inflated tyre potentially fail due to excessive heat buildup, but having the wrong tyre pressure can affect fuel economy and tyre wear.

  • Made to exacting standards in Italy and accurate to plus or minus 0.025 bar
  • Temperature compensated, works in all weather conditions (–40°c to +85°c)
  • Weighs only 3.5g and will not affect your wheel balancing
  • Dimensions: D15mm, L22mm
  • Available for a wide range of tyre pressures, simply choose the correct pressures for your vehicle and replace regular dust caps with specialized pressure monitoring caps
  • Does not require batteries
  • Comes with a security key to prevent theft
  • Separate in cab display

Prices from £ask

Cruise Control

Take the strain out of long car journeys with an aftermarket cruise control system.


  • Drive in a more relaxed and comfortable manner.
  • Reduce fuel consumption.
  • Avoid accidental speeding.
  • Reduce exhaust gas emissions.
  • Designed to fit vehicles where there is little or no vacuum source available.
  • Tested and approved professional cruise control satisfies all the latest European Directives for automotive accessories.
  • Numerous safety features have been included in the Cruise Control systems to guarantee reliable and safe operation under all circumstances.
  • Option of different control stalks.

Vehicle and year specific just call or email for details.