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DAB Radio

With DAB radio making a big come back we are pleased to be able to offer an aftermarket solution to your DAB needs without having to change your existing headunit.
Depending on your headunit there are two options available, if your headunit is a double din unit that has a Video input then our add on unit will give you DAB through your screen enabling station information and track details  (separate remote control for tuning and channel change) from £160.00 you will also require a DAB aerial, costs vary on either Glass mount, Body mount or concealed aerial options.
If your headunit does not support this option an adaption unit is still available from £349.00 which will give you onscreen track details and station information  through your existing headunit controlled through either steering wheel or stalk controls. if you don’t have this feature in your vehicle a separate remote control is also available.(DAB external glass mount aerial included in the price)
Listening to your favourite digital stations on the move is now an affordable reality.